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Sunday June 1st 2008
WELL DONE AWARDS were handed out to display our gratitude for those that are making a difference and using their Talent, Treasure and Time to further love as Christ loved and to serve as He served.

These are those that have gone above and beyond giving of their God given resources.

Please write us at info@kingdomassignment.com if you are interested in contacting any of the recipients and we will pass on your info to them or contact them through their website where it applies.

In no particular order:

KSGN Radio

Jack Hawkins
Jack Hawkins of
Canyon Springs Church, San Diego, CA

Irvine Bible Church
Bill Buchanan of
Irving Bible Church, Irving, TX

Ed Carey
Ed Carey
Hope International Bible Church, Hollywood, CA

First Baptist
First Baptist Church of Midland, MI

New Hope Church, Marshalltown, IA

Agape Evangelical Church, Arcadia, CA

Hal Seed
New Song Community Church, San Diego, CA

Christ United Church
Christ United Methodist Church, Davenport, IA

Shauna Boucher
Shauna Boucher
Western Mountains Baptist Church, Kingfield, Maine
Donated to BloodWater

Rudy Ruettiger
The true-to-life hero “Rudy”

Jennifer Trubenbach
Jennifer Trubenbach
Operation of Hope

McKay Hatch
McKay Hatch
No Cussing Club

Deborah Harter
Deborah Harter
Sterling Grace Jewelry

The Eshelmans
Jesus Film Project

The Cannavinos
Jesus Film Project

The Hokes
Jesus Film Project

Trinity Church
Trinity United Presbyterian, Santa Ana, CA

Bellesi - Saffell
The Bellesis and The Saffells

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