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What the Bellesis and the congregation of Coast Hills Community Church experienced in November 2000 was an amazing God thing. What they heard, saw and did was recorded for their 90 day celebration night or "WELL DONE Party". These four video's, below, tell the stories of what they felt when they heard those words "I need volunteers" and then what some of those volunteers heard the call to do.

We encourage you to record everything you can. Find a "Keeper of the Stories", a person, that will keep records as the stories start coming in. Encourage the volunteers to write out their story, take pictures and/or video tape their project and the participants involved if they can. Engage someone in your church that could do some editing for your WELL DONE Party. We would love to then post it on this KA site to encourage others to SERVE others with the love of Christ as you have.

Kingdom Assignment Well Done Awards

WELL DONE Awards 2007 by Kingdom Assignment

Featuring Katharine McPhee, Chris Sligh, The Groovaloos

WELL DONE Awards 2008 Kingdom Assignment

Featuring Chris Sligh, Rudy Reuttiger, Nick Vujicic

WELL DONE Awards 2009 by Kingdom Assignment

Featuring American Idol and iCarly casts

WELL DONE Awards 2010 Kingdom Assignment

Featuring Nick Vujicic from Life Without Limbs Charity Vance

5th Annual WELL DONE Awards Highlights from Kingdom Assignment

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