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What is it? Kingdom Assignment is a phenomena of a new way of giving of your Talent, Treasure and Time that has now become a movement around the globe.


Who are we? We are people that in November 2000 gave a living example of the Parable of the Talents to our unsuspecting congregation by handing out $100 to 100 people... giving them three rules:

1. The money isn't yours, it's God's.
2. Do something outside the walls of the church to further His kingdom and
3. Report back in 90 days what you did with it.

The results were astounding. Within 90 days, the original $10,000 became $150,000 in furthering God’s kingdom with kindness and compassion.


Where is it today? The Kingdom Assignment has traveled to 6 continents and multiplied into millions and millions of dollars and lives changed for eternity.

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