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How do you launch a successful Kingdom Assignment Project with your church?

Before you start…

PRAY—set up a small team of people to begin to pray for the impact God wants to see happen in and through your church with this 90-day assignment.

READ—the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25, and the book The Kingdom Assignment

DISCUSS—the idea and content of a Kingdom Assignment with your Pastor, Board, Mission Committee, Stewardship Committee.

SECURE—the intitial seed money you will want to launch this assignment in your church. $100 (or $50) for each person you enlist in this assignment. Suggested : Churches 100 or less in attendance = 10 people; Churches 200-400 in attendance = 20-25 people; Churches 500-800 in attendance = 50 people; Churches over 800 in attendance = 100 people. NOTE: 100 people is the most we recommend so that you can keep track of the stories to be reported back to the church in a timely fashion.

Launching your KA…

PREACH – on the Parable of the Talents. At the close of your message tell your congregation you “never want them to forget this parable” and that you need some volunteers to help him this morning with something that will insure we never do forget it….Ask for volunteers to come to the front. NOTE: DO NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING ELSE!!


PASS OUT THE MONEY— when people come to the front, thank them for volunteering. Tell them you have something for them. Hand each one $100 bill. Let them hold it, and then tell them “I have an assignment for you. Let’s call it a Kingdom Assignment. IF YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT THIS $100 and participate in this assignment, you do so under 3 conditions…


1. You must understand and agree this is NOT your money. It is the Master’s money and he has entrusted it to you…because he loves you and because he believes in you.


2. You are to manage, multiply, and invest this money as a steward OUTSIDE THE WALLS and CONGREGATION of this church in some way that advances God’s Kingdom agenda in the world. WHAT you do and HOW you do so is between you and God. GOAL: See how far this $100 can go.

3. 90 days, you must come back and tell this church WHAT HAPPENED to this $100.


GATHER THE PARTICIPANTS—immediately and briefly after the service to get contact information from each of the people and to let them know they can choose NOT to participate by handing their 100 back, BUT that you encourage people to pray about what God would have them do in the next 90 days and to not act until they hear from Him. NOTE: Introduce a KA PROJECT CONTACT PERSON at this briefing whose job it will be to encourage, pray, and assist people emotionally and spiritually with any questions or problems they may have in their journey. Recommendation: Have a video camera person there to capture people’s initial reactions to receiving their $100 and their feelings at the moment regarding this assignment. This will be valuable footage during the final phase of your KA Celebration.


After your KA Launch …

SEND – out a KA Participant’s letter (download to see sample) early the following week to each person who volunteered that re-explains the details of the project and the conditions for peoplesl participation. Also include in this letter the contact info for the KA PROJECT MANAGER or CONTACT PERSON. KA_letterhead.png


SECURE – a group of people to PRAY for these participants throughout the next 90 days.

SEND – out a second letter 30 days from your launch as a brief note of encouragement from the Pastor, church, or KA project person. 


SEND – out a third letter 60 days from your launch to remind the people of the date of the end of the project, and include a copy of a KINGDOM ASSIGNMENT REPORT FORM (download to see sample) for people to return to the church when they have completed their Kingdom Assignment.


After your KA Launch …



PLAN — a special Sunday or midweek service to report the results and stories of the participants back to the church congregation. NOTE: THIS SHOULD BE A CELEBRATION of praise to God and of “well dones” to this group of faithful stewards


CAPTURE – these stories as the reports come back in writing and, if possible, on video with a 5-10 minute interviews with participants weeks before this special service and that can be edited down to present the big picture of what happened, what stories emerged, what were the results, what people learned in and through this process. 

CLOSE – this special service with a season of joyful praise for what God has done through the faithful stewardship and obedience of his people.

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