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Stories Far & Wide

Stories Near & Far

Kingdom Assignment - Irving Bible Church, Irving, Texas - 2008 WELL DONE Awards - Hannah

Irving Bible Church from Irving, Texas was awarded in the 2008 WELL DONE Awards. This story features Hannah who starting from $100 of God's money started a Kingdom Assignment that sells children's bibles and proceeds go to children in Africa.

2010 WELL DONE Awards Jack Tyson of GiveItUp4Africa

2010 WELL DONE Awards awardee Jack Tyson started GiveItUp4Africa with the inspiration of giving up something in our lives and donating to kids in Africa.

$100 goes a long way when helping others

Accepting a challenge by their pastor, Houston Grace Presbyterian members' small investments multiply

Houston church shows $100 can go a long way to helping

Hope Valley Uniting Church, Australi

Adopted villages in Sudan, Africa where they aim to support the village and provide them with basic needs for the next 10 years.

Pastor Roger Brooks received the WELL DONE Award for Hope Valley Uniting Church on May 31st, 2009.

Crayons for Cancer

Emily started Crayons for Cancer in memory of her friend TJ who died of cancer before TJ was 4 years old. Emily collects broken and used crayons from restaurants, melts them into shapes and sells them for $1 per bag

Can one story change your life? Well... we all know it can. The stories we have heard from around the world over the last 8 years we want to share with you. We hope you will return often for the latest in inspiring stories of faith that will challenge you to go and do the same... SERVE as Jesus SERVED. Be Christ's hands and feet. The Kingdom Assignment books 1 and 2 (originally published by Zondervan) have become an easy and inspiring read to thousands around the world.

Now in four languages and more in the works, the Kingdom Assignment books continue to fascinate the reader with new God ideas of their own.

The countless amount of emails that have come to us from near and far of how people have stayed up all night to read the books. People (mostly men :-) have said they cried as they read the stories of faith of the unsuspecting victims or rather volunteers of the original Kingdom Assignment at Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo, CA, back in November 2000. Some actually thought Pastor Denny was going to ask them to dance!

The Green "On Assignment" wristbands are a great tool to continue to inspire your congregation or small group. KA picked the color green for the wristbands to inspire people to "GO" when they get the Holy Spirits nudge to do a Kingdom Assignment in their daily lives. How many times do we see someone needing, help to their car? These wristbands remind us that we are always "On Assignment" for The King.

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