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The Kingdom Assignment

For the past ten years, Kingdom Assignment has been an organic and growing movement among hundreds of churches and thousands of people around the world. From that initial experience at Coast Hills Community Church, people around the globe have witnessed incredible results and shared amazing stories of the impact that a Kingdom Assignment can have when they go on assignment. These stories have even found national appeal in the press with such periodicals as People Magazine, on television with the Oprah Winfrey Show, and in our own book. The Kingdom Assignment...

Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors have all come to find a seat in the KA Board Room through friendship and all have one thing in common… they love Jesus! This group of Christ followers have walked very diverse journeys to find the One-Way John 14:6 - Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. They all bring excellence to our round table in leadership and integrity, being of strong character in their homes and in their communities. They are humble and take their position on the board and donor funds seriously, but don’t take themselves seriously. Laughter and enjoying one another’s company is an important element to our time together as we push through the steps of establishing a not for profit/5013c and grow this little idea called the Kingdom Assignment. We are pleased to say that all our board members are happily married and have a culmination of over 200 years of marriage.


Here they are in Alphabetical Order:

Jeff Abbott

Jeff was born in Canada and raised in Santa Ana, CA. Graduating from Cal State Long Beach he stayed close to home working and serving theSanta Ana School District. He has worked for companies, Smith International and Ducommun, Inc. where he became division president. Since 2003, Jeff has been a Group Chair for Convene, a CEO leadership forum for Christian business owners. Jeff also joins other successful businessmen called “Difference Makers” and The Barnabas Group where in strategizing sessions they help others to use their ideas to change the world. Jeff serves also on the board of The Sheepfold and actively serves as Ambassador for Free Wheelchair Mission. 


Jeff became an enthusiastic participant and cheerleader for the Kingdom Assignment when he was introduced to the book. He bought a box and distributed them to his staff and friends to launch them on assignment. Jeff loves the Lord, and he and his wife Doris are long time members ofChino Valley Community Church where he helped launch the Kingdom Assignment.


Jeff’s wife Doris is a fantastic supporter of Jeff’s fun and frivolity. As Jeff says, “If it’s not fun then I’ll make it fun!” They have been married since Jan 22nd 1972 and have two Sons and 2 Grandsons. Jeff says they seem to only know how to make boys, and cherishes them dearly.

Leesa Bellesi

When Leesa lost her brother to a drunk driver in 1966 her story began. Coming to Christ at 13 and setting her sights on ministry Leesa married Denny May 11th 1974 at 19 years old. She earned her PHT (Putting Hubby Through) as Denny earned his M Div in Theology at Denver Seminary in Colorado. Marriage and Motherhood have been her greatest joy and triumph with two happily married daughters and three fantastic grandchildren.

While being a Senior Pastor’s wife of one of the fastest growing churches in America Leesa had a career in Dance. Leesa is celebrating 25 years as a Ballet and Jazz Instructor and Cheer Coach seeing her teams become National Champions many times over.

Leesa has worn many hats in ministry over the last 35 years and has enjoyed every minute of it. Leesa is a seasoned speaker with a humorous style that weaves scripture into every day life experiences. Subjects in her many honed messages of “Daring to Dream” to “Becoming the Ephesians’ 5 Woman” have made her a sought after speaker for one day events or week long conferences and retreats.

The Kingdom Assignment was an idea that Denny and Leesa had back in 1985 when they founded Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo, CA. The idea did not come to life until November 2000 when it become the perfect time to launch this crazy idea of giving away money in church to emphasize the life changing verses of the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. What came next was astounding. Something only God could do. (Read the full story). Leesa continues to be the “Keeper of the Brand” and share the stories of faith that consistently pour in as this little idea makes it’s way around the world.

Brett Trowbridge

What a blessing it was the day we met Brett and Becky Trowbridge. In the front pew of Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena the Bellesis soon found out that Becky was a fabulous cook and that Brett is the official “Strategic Planner” of all things non-profit. He is a analytical thinker and has a passion to serve the Lord along side other passionate and positive leaders. 

Brett currently works as a freelance strategic planner, marketing and business development consultant. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Thermal Remediation Services, a private environmental remediation company based out of Portland, Oregon. 

Brett also serves on the board of directors of the Sacred Harvest Foundation and provides ministry advice and support to several ministries in the Orange County area. 

After Brett got his Chemical Engineering degree from Washington University in St. Louis he rounded out his education with an MBA from Pepperdine University. Brett has been an entrepreneur owning many of his own companies, and served as executive leader in several companies including petroleum, environmental services, electronic software and hardware businesses. He has also provided consulting, planning and coaching services to a broad array of businesses and ministries over the years. In the non-profit world, Brett has also served in varying leadership capacities on church and para-church governing boards, such as Free Wheel Chair, councils, and deacon boards.


Brett and Becky, married since December 28th 1984 split residences between Pasadena and Dana Point, CA where they get the best of both worlds in Southern California living.

Denny Bellesi

Denny was born in Van Nuys, CA. Grew up a true San Fernando Valley kid bleeding Dodger Blue. He found Christ through the ministry of Van Nuys Baptist Church in 1966. Denny went to San Diego State University, graduating from California State University, Northridge, CA in Psychology. He graduated President of his class from Denver Theological Seminary with his M Div June/1979. 

Denny has been an inspiring speaker and leader as a Pastor for over 30 years. He left a huge mark on Orange County, CA when he and his wife Leesa with their daughters founded Coast Hills Community Church, a fellowship that began with 10 families and grew into 3,500 families under Denny’s leadership as Senior Pastor. Denny was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, in People Magazine, Readers Digest, Woman’s Day and hundreds of News Articles around the world. Denny and Leesa are co-founders of “Kingdom Assignment International”

Denny met his wife Leesa the summer of 1968 during a fierce water fight at youth group and the rest is history. They were married May 11th 1974 and have two married daughters, Brooke and Darren King and Natalie and Eric Johnson, and 3 grandchildren. Life is good!

Fred Gladney

Fred is a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of management, operations and sales leadership experience. He has been a successful executive in the information technology sector with IBM and Compaq Computer. Fred is a decisive team leader, serving as our chair, and is a developer of people, who practices a “missionary development” style of management.

Fred is a graduate of California State University. He is an Associate Elder and Men’s Ministry Teacher at Mariners Church in Newport Beach, CA. Fred has a servant mentality as he also serves as Board Member and important contributor to Open Door USA, Ministries for Family Enrichment and Far East Broadcasting Company.

Fred first heard about the Kingdom Assignment at a business meeting, where Denny and Leesa presented principles from the Parable of the Talents and launched Fred on an assignment of his own. Born in Pittsburg, PA, Fred grew up in the church, but it wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles as an adult that he truly heard and understood the call of Christ upon his life through Bible Study, and the influence of Christian leaders like EV Hill and Josh McDowell.


Fred and his beautiful wife, Julie were married in and have wonderful children.

Brenda Wilkinson

Brenda was born and raised in Lake Oswego, Oregon and going on to Oregon State University where she met her husband, Jerry. She is a graduate of Oregon Health Sciences University.

Brenda comes from a dental family and following a 6 year career as a dental hygienist took 16 years off to work at home as a mom, wife and volunteer.

Brenda found Christ when her and her husband came to Coast Hills Church in the early 90’s. Her and her husband have served along side each other ever since.

She currently divides her time between part time dental work, volunteering, nurturing relationships, Bible study, playing tennis, watching her son play Division I basketball at USC and following team sports.

Some of her ministry activities include: mentoring pre-married couples, food and supply distribution to the elderly and Camp Pendleton Marines, Fire and Hurricane Disaster Relief programs for Foundation for Hope, leading young married couples, greeting at church and women’s ministry leader at Coast Hills Community Church, Aliso Viejo, CA where they fellowship.

Brett Trowbridge

Jerry brings energy, insight and creativity to our board. His unique background as a former professional football player, business executive, husband, dad and volunteer bring unique passion to our leadership.

Before transitioning in to the business world, Jerry played for the Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Invades of the USFL. Drafted by the Los Angeles Rams following his collegiate career at Oregon State University, Jerry played in Super Bowl XIV and alongside of the National Football League’s brightest stars. 

Jerry chose a path in sales and marketing graduating in to progressive levels of management responsibility for notable companies, such as Coca-Cola, Apria Healthcare, Merrill Corporation and IKON Office Solutions. Jerry is recognized for his sales contribution, coaching, training and development of others.

Jerry enjoys participating in his community where he has been involved coaching youth sports for years. He has actively served in board level activities with the Boys and Girls Club of America, YMCA, and Mission Viejo Youth Basketball. Jerry has volunteered locally, too as a teaching leader for Christ Formation Academy at Coast Hills Community Church; Master of Ceremonies for Super Monday, NFL Stars Speak Out; team member of the Hurricane “Ike” Disaster Relief team deployed to those hardest hit in Galveston, Texas and food and supply distribution to the elderly and families of Camp Pendleton Marines through Foundation for Hope. Along with his wife, Brenda Jerry has led and mentor pre-married couples, young married couples, and occasionally greets at church.

He enjoys all competitive sports (especially college basketball and football), vacationing in Mexico and spending time with his wife, son and close friends. 


At the invitation of a friend Jerry and Brenda found themselves at Coast Hills Community Church in the early 90’s where they heard the gospel in a way and at a time that made real sense to them. Their lives and direction have never been the same, and their love and enthusiasm for the Lord is ever contagious.

Our Staff


Cynthia Page

Executive Assistant and Receptionist

Jim Hogan

Executive KA Consulant

Lysa King

KA Chief Administrative Assistant/Developer

Margie Fogal

Operations Assistant

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Kevin Sumner

KA T-Shirt Vendor

Darren King

KA Computer Wiz

Natalie Johnson

KA Graphic Artist

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Mike Porrazzo

KA Contract Attorney

Denise Barrett and Associates

Financial and Book Keeping Services

Victor Dizon

KA Web Master

Jim Grindle

On Assignment Representative

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