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T3 Journal - Talen, Treasure, Time

T3 Journal - Talen, Treasure, Time


What would happen if your students took the Parable of the Talents literally for 9 weeks? What would they do if you put money in their hands and told them to exercise some creative stewardship?


Find out with T3, a 9-week small group curriculum based on the life-changing book Kingdom Assignment. You’ll help your students see that stewardship isn’t just about tithing, but it’s about using all that God has given them — their Talent, Treasure & Time — to make a difference for his kingdom.


Take your students on the T3 challenge and they’ll see the amazing things God can do with a willing heart.


Lesson include:
Week 1 - Uncharted Territory 
Week 2 - Are You a Steward or an Owner?
Week 3 - How Much Is Your Money Worth?
Week 4 - Age Is No Limit
Week 5 - Surrounded by Opportunities
Week 6 - Accepting the Challenge
Weeks 7-9 - T3 Challenge!

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