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Since 2000 we have heard stories of creative faith that have blown us away. People often ask us what should I do as I start this assignment and we always tell them the same thing… PRAY! Begin with prayer. If you get ahead of God you may miss the deeper point of our responsibility to be a good steward of “everything” God gives us. God wants you to use the Talents, Treasure and Time He has given you and if you will first stop and listen He will put you on the best track. We’re not saying it won’t be rocky at times, but He will show things that you may never have seen before. The key verse for Kingdom Assignment is Jeremiah 33:3 call to Me and I will show great and unsearchable things you do not know. Even as I write this a little read line comes under the word unsearchable on my Mac computer, because the word is “unsearchable”. Try it for yourself. Isn’t that incredible? Doesn’t it show you the depth of God and the scriptures, that the word unsearchable is unsearchable.

Only He can show you the best way. Now just for fun we would like to share with you some ideas just to get your mind thinking in ways maybe you have not considered before. These ideas will seem obvious to some, ground breaking to others. They are all just little seeds of faith.

Remember this is not a competition and not just about multiplying money, but about multiplying God’s kingdom… spiritual stuff too. On earth as it is in Heaven!

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